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International business is risky but yet can be very lucrative. At Ibereffect Business Consultancy we understand that our expertise is an invaluable resource for the achievement of your objectives. We provide you hands-on advice and unlike many consulting firms do not step out of the picture, as we support you from the early inception up to and beyond the achievement of your business objectives, through highly skilled, multi-lingual consultants experienced in international trade and business development.

We assist you in the assessment and management of risks associated with the entrance of a new market, and identify areas for growth and expansion. Specializing in markets that are difficult to penetrate and offer substantial rewards, our focus remains on helping clients to achieve their international business objectives efficiently, cost effectively and with minimal red tape. To facilitate a full range of consultancy services within the ambit of international business development, we provide the following core services that can be tailored to any stage of internationalization.

Market Entry Strategy

Using local knowledge and our global resources we expedite the entry of a business into a market. Our experienced consultants can assist with: market selection, market surveys; entry and strategic marketing plans; feasibility studies, product and service suitability assessments; pricing strategy.

Offshore/Outsourced Marketing Services

Ibereffect Business Consultancy can expedite your entry into a market by assuming full responsibility for the marketing of your goods and services. We work in collaboration with export departments or independently on a contract or retainer basis. The result is a faster and smoother entry into offshore markets.

Partner Management and Recruitment

Ibereffect Business Consultancy can advise you on how to best be represented in the target markets, whether by a joint venture partner, distributor or agent, and source and contract appropriate candidates. We can recommend the commercial terms of appointment and assist with the negotiations to conclude the terms of engagement and further performance monitoring.

Representative Offices

We set up and maintain branded representative offices of offshore companies seeking an immediate and branded presence in a market. We assume responsibility for the location selection, the recruitment of staff and necessary authorizations.

Turnkey Project Management

With a professional network of consultants and strategic partnerships, Ibereffect Business Consultancy has the ability to manage any project on a turnkey basis, including monitoring, control, execution, commissioning and sub-contractor selection to international standards.

Market Research Services

Ibereffect Business Consultancy provides quantitative, qualitative and secondary research, as well as competitive intelligence studies, to meet the needs of any organization.

Quantitative Market Research

Ibereffect Business Consultancy provides end-to-end customized quantitative market research services including research design, data collection, analysis and reporting.

Qualitative Market Research

Our qualitative research supports both B2B and B2C studies. Our qualitative experts are experienced in both in-depth interviews and online qualitative studies.

Secondary Research & Competitive Intelligence

Ibereffect Business Consultancy takes a multi-tiered approach to data collection for secondary research and competitive intelligence studies.

About us

More than ever companies are looking to globalize and pursue international business strategies outside their traditional markets. Entering or expanding international markets is expensive, time consuming and complex without the necessary expertise and networks. Ibereffect Business Consultancy offers a complete range of business services on the European market to assist clients to enter new markets in a smooth, fast and cost-effective way. Our mission is to facilitate the expansion of international business services and operations.

We cover all major European territories, including Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal and we operate in every major industry across the European continent. Access to our global network and contact base helps us to expedite your international business objectives professionally and cost effectively. Through our network with country specific expertise we can facilitate the complete range of services necessary to conduct business across European borders, all coordinated from our central offices in Madrid, Spain.

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IT & Technology


Interim Management


Marketing & Market Research


Startups & Exponential Growth


Market Entry


The Team

Our consultants are drawn from industries and disciplines as diverse as Corporate Banking, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, IT, Executive Management, Business Development, Startups, Telecom, Interim Management and Gambling, and our global network of highly experienced specialists provides you with an exceptional service to help you build successful and enduring relationships with your clients.

Sander Hoogendoorn


Sander Hoogendoorn is an accomplished multilingual interim manager and management consultant with over 20 years of professional experience in project management and business development in various European countries in multiple industries, such as telecom, public administration, internet startups, housing, media & entertainment and gambling. Sander is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and German.

Manuel Alvarez

Senior Consultant

Manuel Alvarez is a professional with extensive experience in consulting, training, sales and pre-sales of business software solutions ERP and CRM, as well as e-commerce tools in leading companies. As a part-time university professor, the 360º vision of the world of technology and business has attracted him to Big Data on which he works and performs research. He speaks English and Spanish fluently, and can have a conversation in Portuguese and Italian.

Fernando Cruz

Senior Consultant North America

An accomplished bi-cultural management consultant and international sourcing advisory executive with over 20 years of experience in corporate & business development and strategic partnership advisory, who has led engagements involving clients in Europe, North America and Latin America. Fernando has also been engaged extensively in Interim Management roles as CEO, CIO and CDO (Chief Digital Officer).

Partners & Alliances

Flowe Robotics

Ibereffect Business Consultancy represents Flowe Robotics in Southern Europe

Flowe Robotics helps organizations to be successful with projects in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which is sophisticated computer software that takes over repetitive work from humans to save time and cost, increase employee satisfaction and productivity.


Distributor in Spain for its award winning Workforce Management software

Synerion is a software company specializing in Workforce Management with over 30 years of experience. More than 7,000 customers in many industries use it to optimize the productivity of its employees.

Imperva Incapsula

Representing its leading Cyber Security solutions in Southern Europe

Incapsula is a multi-function Content Delivery Network (CDN) that boosts performance, secures websites, mitigates DDoS attacks for any server and ensures high availability. Imperva was named a leader by Forrester (DDoS) and Gartner (WAF).


Our global partner in the gambling industry

Italtronic Gaming Consultants Associated is a profesional network with more than twenty years of professional experience in the gambling industry, working with Italian, Spanish and international leaders in slot (AWP) and videolottery (VLT) arcades, bingo, betting, on line gaming, slot & games developers and factories.


Our partner for projects in Italy and Central Europe

Globyng facilitates business networking and market entry in Italy, Southern Europe and emerging economies. Globyng will demolish the access barriers, language, cultural or economical, by providing all contacts and tools to plan and execute efficient market entry strategies.


Our partner for market entry in North America

Whether you are seeking to expand your operations, increase your technological performance, or enhance your organizational effectiveness, SCG is there to ensure that the process is well-planned and executed. SCG provides Management Consulting, Business Analytics, Operations Strategy, Virtual CFO/Controllership Outsourcing, Project Management and New Market Penetration Services.

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